Friday, July 16, 2010

Would a Ford Essex 3.8L (~232 cu. in.) V6 be more powerful then a Ford Cologne 4.0L (245 CID) V6?

I am wanting to give my 1999 Mazda B4000 2WD a better (faster) engine. Currently, it has the stock Ford Cologne 4.0L V6 (245 CID) but I was thinking of doing an engine swap with another V6 engine that would perform a lot better (V8 burns too much gas). I was looking specifically at a Ford Essex 3.8L V6 (~232 cu. in.) that would commonly be found in 1982-1986

How do I measure my bike

I asked a similar question last week but it turned into a flame war. Neither am I looking for advice, nor am I asking for official times. I actually want to measure

Is it against the law to have an ice pop stand?

my friend and i want to have an icepop stand today and only sell them for a doller is it aganist the law .????
its summer...i dont think anybody really cares..
Nope but you would need to get a permit from the city to sell them and you will need to check with the health department as well.

Can i drive my 125cc scooter on a uk motorway with a full driving license?

I have my CBT and was driving the scooter before i passed my driving test, now i have my full car license, can i drive the scooter on the motorway?
If you have passed both parts of the CBT test for a motorcycle and obtained the

category A certificate for your licence then you can legally ride a 125 cc bike or

scooter on the motorway.

A full car licence only covers cars. If you have passed part one of your CBT Test

And have a full car licence , it does not entitle you to ride your 125 cc scooter on

the motorway. The car and bike licence are 2 totally separate things.

Others can correct me if they wish as i passed both car and bike tests in 1984

when life was easier
you can certainly try
scooters not allowed on the m/way
No you can

Can i register a yamaha 225 3 wheeler as a motorcycle?

its a 1984, yamaha 225 dx 4 stroke. headlight and taillight work. was wondering if i would need turn signals as it is over 25 years old? and would i need a title AND bill of sale to register it? or just a bill of sale? im in NH. all answers appreciate! thanks!
early 3 wheel ATVs have been registered as motorcycles in some states- Federal motorcycle definition say 3 wheel or less=motorcycle. Check DMV- 1984 is maybe, a 1970s likely yes.
If you mean

How to tell what sub-model of toyota corolla i have?

i have a 1999 toyota corolla that used to be my mom

Cost of ticket issued after car accident?

My court date is coming up and I wanted to plan ahead for the fine I